Eat preservative-free Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs

Most people think that sugar makes kids hyper, even though it’s been proved to be a myth. After all, you can just see their little minds go “boing!” after having soda or candy. A recent study in the Lancet, posted by Angry Toxicologist, might explain this contradiction – it’s not the sugar, it’s the preservatives.

Angry Toxicologist explains way better than I could:

They took 153 3-year olds and 144 8-9 year olds and gave them a sweet drink with either sodium benzoate, a common preservative, and a artificial colors/flavors mix or a placebo. The amount of preservative/color/flavor is less than what many children get in a day. They were tested on a standard hyperactivity index, as well as a attention test. The children were given different drinks on different weeks and since it was double blind, neither the children or the scorers (parents/teachers) knew which drink they got. And since the same children were tested on both, you don’t have to worry about variation between children as much.

Both sets of kids were more hyper when they had drunk the artificial color/preservatives in the bug juice. Scary, because preservatives are EVERYWHERE.

And you know, I’m all in favor of the existence of preservatives. It’s great that we have ways to make food not go bad without having to can or salt or dry it. I don’t want to go back to picking weevils out of my hardtack. But as a society, we’re addicted to cheap, sweet, fatty, deathless food – and as if obesity wasn’t trouble enough, it has to make kids hyper too.

Here’s a PDF of the Lancet study if you’d like to read it yourself.

13 Responses to Eat preservative-free Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs

  1. jebyrnes says:

    If we stop using preservatives, then truly, the weevils have won…

  2. jebyrnes says:

    Also, for more on hardtack, including recipes and how to give it that weevil-eliminating thud-causing crust, see here.

  3. edtajchman says:

    even most health food, contains soybean oil. sounds harmless? its not , its really bad for you and in almost everything.

  4. Sam says:

    Oy. That is fascinating. I want to send this to the fancy nutritionist my school has hired, but she doesn’t have a school email address. That’s so she can do whatever she wants and doesn’t have to listen to anyone else. (Like, for example, outlaw peanut butter because so many kids are allergic, but push milk constantly without offering a substitute even though we have a gazillion lactose-intolerant kids.)

    Also, I eat very little with preservatives in it, but I am weevil-free, thanks to a) modern canning practices, and b) the fridge.

    And hey, above poster — in what way is soybean oil “really bad for you”? I would be interested in more details, please!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. dianarn says:

    This is interesting. Heh, when my great-grandmother would make cans of various foods, such as jam, pickles, tomato sauce, fruit compote, etc. aside from boiling the jars, she would put in each one an aspirin as a preservative. Why? I don’t know, but I bet it’s a lot safer than all this other crap they add to food to make it last forever.

  7. Sam says:

    Sorry I posted like a confusing crazy person. I’m so used to posting to blogs that are a conversation among people who all know each other, that I forget that the readers of this are not all people I know. Don’t mind me…

    (But the question about the soybean oil is legit.)

  8. edtajchman says:

    things made from soy are not bad of course but there is a trans fat that is made from it …. check this out.. “Hydrogenated Soybean Oil Among Trans Fats in Packaged Foods”’s a trans fat, trans fat causes cancer, heart attacks, etc….

  9. [Sorry for the delay, Ed – your comment got caught in the spam folder.]

  10. edtajchman says:

    no, my bad, I get too excited about stuff sometimes…lol

  11. copy pasta says:

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