Four heads are better than one (if you’re a spiny anteater, of course)

What do you do if you’ve got a four-headed penis, but your lady only has a two-branched vagina? For years, scientists had no idea how the spiny anteater fit its car into the garage…UNTIL NOW. Thanks to one exhibitionist male anteater (who got kicked out of his zoo for his inappropriate…affection), the secrets of spiny anteater lurve has been revealed. Yes, their penises have four heads, but they only use two at a time. The other two get shut down. Next session, the pairs switch.

Please, please watch this video of the inappropriately excited, yet adorable, yet freakishly endowed spiny anteater.

Another very cool thing about the anteaters is that they seem to be designed for sperm competition. They’ve got a Debbie Does Dallas mating strategy, where lots of males mate with one female. The sperm of an individual male form bundles that can swim much faster than sperm alone. The weird penis morphology probably also has something to do with this.

Now what’s that line about people having two heads but only enough blood to run one? Oh spiny anteater, how you put us to shame.

2 Responses to Four heads are better than one (if you’re a spiny anteater, of course)

  1. At the Nashville Zoo, wondering how to collect and preserve sperm from the anteater for future intra vaginal insemination. Interest to increase genetic diversity. Any experience or comments?
    Dr. Max
    M.D., B.S.(Biological Anthropology and Zoology) American College of Ob & Gyn, Society of Reproductive Surgeons, Infertility and in vitro fertilization

  2. Климатици mitsubishi…

    […]Four heads are better than one (if you’re a spiny anteater, of course) « The Oyster’s Garter[…]…

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