Back off Johnny, Grampa is using the Wii now

The hot toy to have this year is a Nintendo Wii – so hot you can’t find them – mostly because the Wii isn’t just for kids and gamers any more. Peruse, if you will, this quote:

Wii is the must-have gift for anyone with a kid between five and ten years old,” he says. But it’s not just kids who crave Wii. Grown-ups also want to get their hands on the console, which uses a motion-sensing controller to make gameplay much more realistic than standard joysticks, so they can play Wii’s tennis and bowling games. (The latter is an especially big hit at retirement homes.)

Retirement homes? Yup. The link above points to an article and video of  Wii bowling tournament for seniors. The teams are surrounded by a crowd of cheering fans, you can tell this is a big thing for them. But what I really like is the woman who bowls from a chair – no need for strong legs in Wii bowling. The whole video is a tad surreal (and try to ignore the somewhat mocking tone) but I’m totally down with this. Forget golf and knitting. I’ll take up the Wii in my old age.

One Response to Back off Johnny, Grampa is using the Wii now

  1. Martini-Corona says:

    1) Gramps better watch out for Wiiitis (I’d link to the letter itself, but it’s subscribers only — bad business move, NEJM).

    2) If you haven’t yet, please watch the Who’s “My Generation” performed by a bunch of awesome, awesome British old people.

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