Cool links on a hot day

It’s 90 degrees in this godforsaken desert and I’m stuck in my blistering apartment writing a grant. Isn’t marine science glamorous? To sooth my parched and empty soul, here is an assortment of amusing links that have been kicking around my Google Reader for a while.

Richard Dawkins is going to guest star on Dr. Who! I am pretty apathetic about the atheism issue, but I still get a little nerdgasm at the thought of a scientist getting to be on Dr. Who. Dawkins is married to Lalla Ward, an actress who played one of the Fourth Doctor’s companions in the late 70s-early 80s.

Sciencey crafts: These greeting cards are embedded with viable seeds – read & plant. And scientific embroidery is pretty.

A collection of awesome science toys from Middlesex University in the UK. I especially like the Shape Memory Polymer and the Magic Snow

You might think you know how pregnancy happens, but I bet you haven’t seen it explained by animated anthropomorphized talking genitals!

One Response to Cool links on a hot day

  1. scott says:

    (1) It’s 35 here. You and your 90 can go f*ck yourself.

    (2) That cartoon is *really* upsetting.

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