For the Love of Sharks

Here at the New England Aquarium, shark week is never over. So come on down shark experts! Let’s play a shark game show!

Here in the Aquarium, shark bycatch means a game of tag.

Here in the Aquarium, shark bycatch means a game of tag.

What’s the topic? It’s the paper “Shark interactions in pelagic longline fisheries.” It was published in the May 22, 2007 issue of Marine Policy. One of the many co-authors is NEAQ shark expert John Mandleman, but it has a lot of other co-authors because it was a massive undertaking. Basically a team of researchers gathered worldwide shark bycatch data from regulatory agencies, company logbooks and interviews with fishers in major ports around the world. I picture an researcher with a clipboard furiously writing while Robert Shaw growls “fish like that swallow you whole.”

However, the results of this study are stunning to me. But then I’m just a l’il old me. Let’s see if they’re stunning to you. Riddle me this!

1.) In the South Africa, the shark catch rate in the longline swordfish fishery dropped 36% when ____.
the Southeast Asian tsunami changed global migration patterns
B. the fishery was required to switch from using J hooks with squid bait to wider circle hooks with fish bait
C. Madonna adopted all the sharks

2.) Before restrictions on shark finning were enacted, 76% and 64% of sharks were finned in the ____ fisheries
A. Hawaii tuna and swordfish
B. Australia tuna and billfish
C. Mad Max Thunderdome

3.) In developing countries, shark catches went from 76,000 metric tons in 1950 to ____ metric tons in 2000.
A. 42
B. 77,000
C. 575,031

4.) To avoid injury and increase efficiency, crew ____ before removing shark fins.
A. anesthetize the shark
B. wear suits of armor
C. kill the shark

5.) Out of nine attitudes found in the fishing industry, which of the following was the only one that was NOT identified anywhere the interviews were conducted?
A. Revenue from catching sharks is exceeded by costs from shark interactions.
B. Shark interactions are an expected and unavoidable part of longline fishing.
C. We want to minimize shark fishing mortality because we are concerned with overfishing.

So there you have it! I will post the correct answers in a future post … unless a shark accidentally eats me thinking I’m a seal. (See what I did there).

3 Responses to For the Love of Sharks

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  2. I really didn’t know that there were this many sharks killed.

    They are such an amazing animal and the air born videos of them off the coast of Africa are amazing.

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