Why blogging matters

Making a routine purchase on Leisure Pro (I go through EPIC amounts of Aquaseal – it’s the duct tape of underwater research!), a little box popped up. It asked me to make a donation to save the coral reefs because they were in danger blah blah blah tune out. I almost always ignore these, since a) I hate being accosted; b) I hate getting on yet more greenie junk mail lists; and c) I don’t like to give to charities with which I am unfamiliar.

But this particular organization WASN’T unfamiliar – it was Coral Reef Alliance. And I know all about Coral Reef Alliance, because I’ve been reading Rick MacPherson’s blog for around two years now. Because of Rick, I trust Coral Reef Alliance to put my pitifully small grad student donation to good use.

So Coral Reef Alliance got a very tiny amount of money because of Rick’s blog, I got some discounted Aquaseal, and we all feel extremely warm and fuzzy. Ocean blogging community group hug!

6 Responses to Why blogging matters

  1. J.P. says:

    To repair my waders and hipboots I use the magical Stormsure.

  2. awww…
    thanks, miriam! i can assure you that your donation (modest though it may be) is greatly appreciated!

    thanks for supporting our work to keep coral reefs from “blah blah blah”

    hug back

  3. JP – I’ve never run across it. Is it a very secret Dutch thing?

    Rick – You’re welcome! Blogging 1, ennui 0!

  4. J.P. says:

    Have to disappoint you Miriam, no secrecy at all.
    It must be the UK’s counterpart of Aquaseal and the use of it avoids a lot of irritation.
    We do purchase it at the fishermen’s co√∂peration in Lauwersoog.

  5. Eric says:

    Ooh, and I need more Aquaseal right now!
    Guess I know where I am getting my next tube from.

  6. Babar Cool says:

    Utilize a standard form the same shape as a new fish for producing cookies for the children or even the starting for the … Front or even bathroom doorway and also hang up a snorkeling cover up from a …kids mask

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