Knight Rider, and the science therein

I know I haven’t been active on the ol’ Garter lately – too much other work, mainly writing for Science not Fiction and my day job. But since SNF is about technology anyway, here’s a quick linkeroo to the work I’ve been doing over there, mostly about the new Knight Rider, cause, hey, that’s what I’ve been assigned.  Coming soon, updates on the MPA process.

• KITT has a 3-D printer right in the car. I know, I know, I’ve done 3-D printing before, but his had a laser.
• KITT can identify faces from pictures. That may seem like nothing, but facial recognition is actually wicked hard for computers, though clearly less so for computers.
• KITT goes underwater. Miriam says she’s seen the video of the real life submarine car before, but did you know you could get a personal submarine for $82,000? You know you want one.
By the way, part of my brief is to avoid disproving impossible stuff. It’s just too easy.

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