Dr. Ashanti Pyrtle, radioactive superhero

Dr. Ashanti Pyrtle has been one of my favorite oceanographers for a long time, and I was going to profile her for the Diversity in Science Carnival. And just as I sat down to write, I noticed that ScienceWoman totally beat me to it. So head over to Sciencewomen and to Dr. Pyrtle’s profile on Women Oceanographers, and join me in my science crush!

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5 Responses to Dr. Ashanti Pyrtle, radioactive superhero

  1. DNLee says:

    I was just letting you know that SW scooped you. She must the BOMB if both of you are writing about her.

  2. DNLee says:

    I like your action, pic though. I might use it in the carnival.

  3. DNLee says:

    Don’t feel bad, I got scooped too. I was in the middle of writing my post about Charles Henry Turner (truly a pioneer of the field of animal behavior, not just a black pioneer) and lo, someone else did a post about him.

    I think I still will do it, but expand on some stuff specific about the field since I can offer some personal attention.

  4. Dr. Pyrtle is pretty damn awesome. And check out her lab webpage – definitely attests to the power of really good mentoring.

    Looking forward to the Turner post – that was a man who loved his invertebrates.

  5. I think Ashanti is very pretty and so is her mom i would love to meet her some day she is soo cool

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