Double X: A Novel Approach to the Climate Change Report

The noir (and romance and haiku) of the latest government report on climate change:

Last week, the United States Global Research program released a report on the potential impacts of climate change in the United States. Based on a year and a half of work and a consensus from 13 federal agencies, the 198-page report makes the doom, gloom, and destruction that await us available to all. Still, who reads 198-page government reports? Well, I do.

So in an attempt to bring some amusement to a dark situation, I’ve summarized the main points of the climate change report using five different literary (ok, quasi-literary) styles. Each vignette is set in the year 2100 under the “higher emissions scenario,” which is a conservative estimate that presumes some kind of international reduction in emissions.

Read the rest here!

3 Responses to Double X: A Novel Approach to the Climate Change Report

  1. anna says:

    you’re my hero, mim. pimping this to the composition department (climate change is one of the available themes for the research class). the new yorker – joy. i hope eric got to participate in these.

  2. I don’t want to think about my daughter living in a world like that. I can’t see how anyone who loves their children would not want to do everything possible to ensure a clean, promising world for them.

  3. Occidental Vacation Club

    Double X: A Novel Approach to the Climate Change Report | The Oyster’s Garter

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