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May 24, 2009
A scuba cannonball in Turks and Caicos

Savin' the Coral Reefs?

Hi there, blog land. Huge thanks to Miriam for the amazing (scary?) opportunity to guest blog while she is off exploring Eastern California, and for the introduction asserting that I am both credible and cool. I hope to slowly disappoint readers on both counts as the week goes on, ensuring Miriam’s return is met with maximum fanfare and relief.

As Miriam mentioned, I’m studying corals in the Caribbean for my dissertation. With that job comes the obligation to not only save the coral reefs, but have a good time doing it, because after all, everyone wants to be a marine biologist when they grow up, and coral reefs are the coolest things in the ocean, hands down. No pressure, right? During my blog-stint, I’ll expose some behind-the-scenes stories from my job so that you feel better about yours. I’ll reveal whether I am actually saving the coral reefs. I’ll also offer up some of my favorite recent stories from science land in general. I particularly love when things turn out to be way more complicated than we thought they were, which conveniently applies to about 99 percent of discoveries in science.

So, thanks for the welcome, and sorry in advance.

PS: I thought my picture would be kind of unique, and then I pulled out the New York Times Magazine this morning and found this. Apparently, leaping irreverently into gorgeous bodies of water is now a fad and, because it has been discovered by the New York Times, no longer cool. Like I said.

PPS: Dear dive safety officers, I promise to giant stride from now on.


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